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Jocelyn  Marbury
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Principal's Corner

Director's Message

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year!!! 

As the Director of The Coosa County Career Tech Center, I am honored to be given the responsibility to lead this extraordinary school community.  Those that came before me left a legacy of excellence which is based on high standards and continuous improvement. I am committed to continuing that tradition. 

The heritage of CCCTC is that it serves as the culmination of the communities collective efforts on behalf of its children. The program of studies offered by CCCTC are a four-year commitment to the refinement of the interests, intellects, skills, and competencies of our posterity. The mission of CCCTC is to ensure that when our students leave CCCTC they have the tools to, take the lead and in doing so, improve our world and make it great.

To achieve our mission CCCTC is fortunate in that it has an abundance of resources. We have:

  • Students who passionately seek knowledge and are keen to explore their own potential,
  • Community partners who are committed to empowering educators to, teach them one and all,   
  • An exemplary academic faculty eager to inspire, engage and educate,
  • A resourceful and responsive school counselor focused on what is best for our students.

Our collective efforts on behalf of, and with, our children will ensure they are prepared to excel in a diverse and increasingly complex world. As a member of our community, whether you are a student, parent, faculty or staff member, spend the next year, exploring, being brave, taking risks, participating, make friends, confronting hard truths, trying new things, be willing to fall and eager to help another up. In short, continue the CCCTC tradition of excellence.


Jocelyn Marbury

CCCTC Director